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UPDATED 10-30-09

Welcome to the new!

Yeah, it's amazing! And if the site wasn't great enough, to celebrate the launch we're giving away free stuff! Five copies of Under the Dome, Ten stainless steel water bottles, and one of the uber rare Black Stand Cases! Check out the contest page here.

I'm going to highlight a few of the big changes below - for a full list click HERE

  • New look/new menus - Info sections are the red tabs above, buying sections and other pages are along the side

  • All info pages have a "look inside" feature, if you hover over a dustjacket image you will see the books copyright page (1st editions) or limitation page (limited editions). If you click on the DJ a full sized image of the page will "pop out"

  • Now get RSS feeds from other Stephen King sites right here! Always live, always updated.

  • LOTS MORE - Get the full list of updates here

No man is an island, entire of itself - John Donne (1572-1631) - Truer words were never spoken, especially of this site. I'd like to take a minute to thank some of the people that helped with providing images, content, testing or promo's for the new site. In no particular order we have Tinah3, many members of, including Matt, Mr. Rabbit Trick, Wizard's Rainbow, Randall Flagg, tippy4, fsmdr. Also a big thanks goes to ....Last but not least I want to thank everyone that's visiting. Whether you've e-mailed me with a missing piece of info over the years, asked a question or two, or just browsed around. Much of the info was provided BY you and all of it is here FOR you. is holding a Halloween sale. This Saturday and Sunday Enter the code "witch" for 15% off any book listed, plus a $50 gift certificat for future purchases!

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Lilja's Library - Calvin's Corner

Simon and Schuster


With less than a month left till the release of Under the Dome Hodder & Stoughton is kicking off a contest to celebrate the launch of the book. They are breaking the novel up into thousands of pieces and then hiding the pieces for all of you to find. The novel is going to be scattered across the internet and real world and it’s now up to you to find it, bring them back to their site and try to piece the novel together before it is out on general release on November 10th.

The new Centipede Press book Knowing Darkness is available for pre-order. This book features over 500 photographs of all kinds of SK work, interviews with the artists and more. Various editions are available starting at $210 all the way to $1,295 for a numbered case with unique Whelan Remarque inscribed to you! Info available on the pre-order page, and there's a thread up on the forums.

DMG Posted an update regarding their Lottery for extra S/L Little Sisters of Eluria. Everyone who submitted a postcard "won" the drawing. And additional drawings will follow. The full newsletter can be found here.

If you were lucky enough to get a remarque from your artist edition Little Sisters book, e-mail me with it and I'll post it on the site


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